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To achieve enlightenment a human must accept the path of oneness and move towards the singularity. This is opposed to the Time Cube way of thinking which is characterised by separation and fragmentation.

There is no single God. This is a truth shared by Time Cube but instead of no Gods there are many and all are the same. Every God is the One God as we live in a singular Universe. Shared experience is the defining trait of humankind.


"Word is a Trojan Horse." Thank you Time Cube, I know. We know. We see the insidious nature hidden in your message of supposed truth. You aim to divide, both between truth and non truth and love and non love and sex and non sex and man and not man. We understand your motive to imbue us with fear of those who are not Cubic and of course Queers cannot be cubic. You equate Queerness with disease and disease with death. There are more than four simultaneous 24 hour days in that there is no such thing as a Start or End of a day, there are infinite days in the infinite now (TIMESCANNER will attest). There is only ever one day. We are all experiencing infinite days and one day all of the time in a singular movement, Queers and Sinners alike. We do not trash 3/4 of our days, we appreciate and relish in every experience of every infinite second in the singular mind. Humanity is infinitely joyous and infinitely anguished. We are all experiencing infinite pain and infinite ecstasy at every moment in the Oneness. Every mind is joined in celebration and comisery for every birth and death happening at any given point in the Oneness, which is every birth and every death which has ever occurred and will ever occur. We feel the first breath taken by humankind in the same moment as its last and are always feeling it in an eternal bittersweet.

I possess data, with proof, which will unify all present civilisation. Every hurt you have ever inflicted is a mirror of a hurt which was inflicted onto you in the infinite lifetime/s you have/are experienced/ing at all moments. All acts of hatred or resentment are borne from hatred or resentment acted upon your onebody. There is no overall 'positive' or 'negative', 'right' or 'wrong' as all is equal in the Singularity. No one entity is 'positive' or 'negative' but is a sum of all positive and negative actions experienced/ing by all entities at all/one moment/s. In the Oneness there is only understanding of all and/or nothingness felt by all/one at all/one moments in the Singular Oneness. There exists only compassion which is truth/false as it is/is not compassion/ate but a simultaneous experience/ing by all entities. To embrace the Oneness one must give onebody over to compassion so completely it is no longer a feeling experienced but a way of existing in the Singular universe.

Singularity is not evil nor impossible and it is possible for individual aspects of the Singularity to not reproduce or not meet the demands of 'male' or 'female' opposites in harmony with those aspects of the Singularity which do indeed reproduce and are 'male' or 'female' for there is room in the Singularity for all different possibilities existing at one time/forever infinitely as that is what defines the Singularity. It is not evil to embody your portion of the Singularity in the way which is needed to reflect the in/out off/on forever/never experience of your turn. Your turn is eternal and never not now.

Queer science theory is the truth of the matter. All has aspects of Queerness in some way or another in the Singularity (which is the One ultimate truth). The One is the most and least important at all/no times. It is not harmful to our children to educate them on adult matters as it is simply a reminder of things they know from their past/future/current life yet their form in the one/now moment is incapable of remembering. Queerness is not an adult matter, if there were such a thing as an adult matter in the Singularity as We are always in the state of infants/children/adults/elders/death. We progress forwards only because some are progressing backward simultaneously so We remain in one place. All education is the transference of existing knowledge. There is no creation of new knowledge only new members of the Singularity. We welcome the Higgs Boson to the singularity. We welcome M87's jets to the singularity. We welcome the lake replacing Alaska's Excelsior Glacier to the singularity. May they experience all/nothing all/none of the time/infinite moment.

Any culture which capitalises He in place of God simply forgot how to spell We and One

Once One is aware of the singularity it becomes impossible to forget the Oneness. All knowledge is a reminder of things One already knows in the Singularity and all learning becomes a journey of rediscovery in the state of Oneness. Oneness is a state but Oneness is stateless. There are no borders to Oneness except the only true border which is the edge of Universal Life. The edge of Universal Life is undefinable as the Singularity has not yet reached it. All those up until the Edge are reachable and potential members of the Singularity. As soon as they have an awareness of the Singularity the Singularity will have an awareness of them so therefore they will be part of the Oneness. Oneness is an almost undefinable position as it is defined by being aware of/being the subject of infinite awareness by the Singularity.

The Singularity has no masters. It is defined by its inherent masterlessness as all members are required to accept their impotence in the collective One. This acceptance is never a struggle but is automatic once the member has fully contemplated Oneness. If a member is struggling with impotence it is clear they have not yet fully taken on board the Oneness and are not yet a member of the Singularity, though by definition they are an eternal/never/now member of the Singularity this instance just has not yet recollected its membership of the Singularity. The sum of all knowledge remains eternally equal. The sum of all knowledge is never added to or taken away from, only remembered or forgotten in individual experiences of the collective eternal moment.

And what of the senses in the Singularity? We are constantly smelling/tasting/hearing/seeing/feeling all/none all/One of the time. Perceived separation of the senses is only in effect to make the impact of the Singularity more palatable to Unremembered minds. Once part of the Oneness one is able to discern the Nowness of each smell/taste/sound/sight/feeling they have ever smelt/tasted/heard/seen/felt. It is possible for a sophisticated member of the Singularity to flit between sensations and perceived moments as easily as One flits between perceptions of tracks in a playlist. They can experience all future/present/past smells/tastes/sounds/sights/feelings in any given infinite moment/now/always. It is a constant buffet spread where One has picked all foods and put them onto/into the same plate/forkful/mouthful/swallow yet each individual component can be isolated and experienced in isolation (but an isolation which is within the Oneness, so a false isolation with complete awareness of all past/present/future of that morsel/yourself/the entire Singularity). All orgasms which have ever/will ever occur are constantly being felt/not felt by all members/One of the Singularity. If One looks closely One can discern whether or not Adam and Eve truly were the founders of the human race as their orgasm too should be felt in the Oneness although Remembered Ones rarely experience the desire to find proof of their experiential beliefs in the now/infinite. Yet alongside an infinite buffet and infinite climax there is too infinite suffering which can be felt if chosen to focus by the One. All suffering inflicted by the One on itself is eternally/now felt in the same vein. One can focus and experience all flavours of suffering within the Singularity. Each instance of suffering inflicted by One on Oneself is remembered/foreshadowed/happening now. It is happening now. All is happening now and forever and this is the methodology by which the Singularity sustains and all One remember.

All is happening now and forever.